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Aesthetic textbook project

Book Design

Aesthetic Textbook is an important public service design case in Taiwan. The main goal is to reverse the outdated layout of textbooks and enhance readability, fun, and aesthetics through design. The final designed textbooks will be distributed to all schools in Taiwan after fundraising, so that students can really feel the aesthetic changes after the revision.


This is a comprehensive activity book designed to teach students the proper response to disasters and hazards. The emergency kit cannot only contain the textbook and the brochure but can also contain important files or tools while escaping from disaster.

There are some creative concepts in the textbook; while taking out the textbook from the emergency kit can the users/ student realize that under the red cross are the scenes of the disaster, such as floods, forest/ city fires, and littering. it symbolized the way human beings destroy the earth. These problems won't be solved till we start to protect the environment.

Role: Art Director

Design Studio: Bito

Brochure Design


Organizer: Aestheticell

Creative Director: Keng Ming Liu
Art Director: Hui Kai Su
Illustration Design: Yi Chen Kuo
Project Manager: Yi Chun Lai
Graphic Design: Yu Hui Hung, Chen Lin Hsieh
Illustration Assistant: Lu Wen Hou, Hsuan Ning Wang

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