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AUO - Tap Into The Possibilities

Brand Film

I’m thrilled to be involved in a Taiwanese rebranding project, and also thankful that AUO and DDG have given me the creative freedom to use this film to represent the brand new image of AUO.


Using the new visual identity elements as the basis, along with the variety of abstract, geometric shapes, they combine to symbolize AUO’s initiative in exploring innovative possibilities beyond panel technology. The dynamic designs and vibrant scene transitions display AUO’s commitment to developing system solutions for various verticals, such as medical, smart manufacturing, transportation, and more.

Role: Creative Director/ 3D Artist/ Compositor

Agency: DDG

Produce by Hui Kai Su



Behind the Scenes

Cinema4d / Octane

After Effects



Client | AUO 友達光電
Agency | DDG 方策品牌顧問
Production | suhuikai



Creative Director | Kris Tsao 曹智雄

Branding Strategy | Martin Lu 呂孟達

Branding Design | Camile Lin 林暐心



Creative Director | Hui Kai Su 蘇暉凱 

Art Director | MingShuo Kao 高明碩

Storyboard | Binbin Lu 呂秉真

Motion Design | MingShuo Kao 高明碩, Hui Kai Su 蘇暉凱, WeiTing Chen 陳威廷

Music/ Sound Design | G_HöW 盧之浩


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