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Camping Asia 2023


Key Visual

Embark on Taipei Performing Arts Center's visual odyssey, "Camping Asia: Reimagining Bodies and Choreographies." Born from ongoing dialogues with Centre National de la Danse, this post-pandemic return melds urgent body expression and speculative knowledge. The visual narrative captures the intersection of artists' bodies and expanded choreography, portraying Asia not just as a place but as a dynamic force within art ecosystems.

Camping Asia unfolds as an adventure, transcending borders and redefining contemporary art possibilities. Join this East-West celebration, where body and art converse, inviting you to rediscover the essence of dance. Camping Asia redefines artistic expression on the Taipei stage.


Client: Taipei Performing Arts Center

​Studio: suhuikai

Role: Creative Director, Graphic Designer


Layout Exploration

Early Stage Design Variation

Event Documentation by TPAC

Opening Even by Chanel

Publication Design Process

Final Printing Process

Full Credits

主辦單位 Presenter | 台北表演藝術中心 Taipei Performing Arts Center

共同策劃 In Partnership with | Centre national de la danse

合作夥伴 Supported by  | Chanel

執行製作 Produced by | suhuikai


Creative Director 創意總監 | 蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su

Producer 製片 | Syvia

Key Visual Design 主視覺設計 | 蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su、林建宏 Sean Lin

Publication Design 刊物設計 | 黃郁惠 Yu Hui Hung

Photography Team

Producer 製片 | Syvia、Pevin @pevin_l

Photographer 攝影 | 登曼波 Manbo Key

Stylist 造型師 | 新公園 @_xingongyuan_ -  楷恩 @kaynkenchen、于寧 @uningkuo

Hair 髮型 | 黑鵝摩沙 @hairmosa.lab - 韋冠宇 Willy Wei @willy81220 闕宗賢 Allen Chueh @zongshian

Hair Assistant 髮型助理 | 吳宗翰 Wu Tsung Han @iammonca、黃薰仙 xian @_ xenaxx

Make Up Artist | 好容羿工作室 @so.easystudio - 吳羿蓉 @ara.wu 謝易珊 @Lyraxie2017 王詩瑩@moolly.w

Make Up Assistant | 王靜瑄 @malenie.w 余巧雯 @annn98__

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